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  • Hannah Fanning

The Pros and Cons of Digital Advertising

Is the transition from traditional advertising worth it?

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Digital advertising, we see it everywhere. Ads on websites, pop-up advertisements interrupting your YouTube video, branded social media posts, these ads are targeted to grab your attention and steer you to the company’s site.

Traditional advertisements, the ads normally seen in local newspapers, are still relevant, as not all generations have adapted to the digital age. This way of advertising is great for targeting a local audience and guiding customers to physical stores in the area. While I find traditional advertisements and the power of printed word effective, digital advertising is now the way of the present and future.

There are a few pros and cons to discuss in terms of the digital era in terms of branding and advertising.

The pros are they’re cost efficient, stable for longer periods of time, and advertising professionals have access to data associated with the ads. The cons are not every generation has adapted to this way of advertising or internet usage, competition is greater in the digital world, and the vast amount of data to track can be overwhelming.

Digital advertisements are very affordable compared to traditional. Clients are likely to pay around $12 an inch for a specifically sized ad in newspapers, the cost varies on size, color, and what day the ad is expected to be seen in the paper. Facebook ads, for example, only cost about $0.61 CPC (cost per click) and are usually based on impressions.

Data associated with an ad consists of number of clicks on the ad, website views from the ad, and overall figures on how the ad is forming. All of this data is beneficial but can be overwhelming if the goals aren’t narrowed down.

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Websites can also become overloaded with ads, making it difficult for your ad to be seen. It isn’t always about purchasing the right amount of ad space but designing the ad to stand out from the others. That can narrow down the competition with other ads online.

In my opinion, digital advertising is more efficient than traditional when targeting a larger audience or brands. Traditional is important when working with local businesses of customers only interested in reaching their local audience. Each have pros and cons, as do most things!

With the proper knowledge, vision, and resources we have at our fingertips to promote your clients will be thankful.

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