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  • Jessica Cheeks

Do It Like Disney

Disney is killing the game in every aspect of marketing, advertising, and branding. Companies everywhere could stand to learn something from Disney. They are ALWAYS growing and expanding their business. Just take a look at their park, Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

In the past two years alone, they have added the world of Pandora to their Animal Kingdom and this summer, they are adding Toy Story Land to Hollywood Studios. Check out the links below for both of these new additions and pay attention to how well designed their website is in promoting these attractions!

These are two HUGE attractions that will bring in a serious crowd!

If you have ever been to Disney World or seen any of their other affiliations such as movies, stores, or other vacation areas, then you know, they do everything sparing no expense. They really do make everything as magical as they can for their audience, even down to the commercials. Their commercial for Christmas of 2017 was nothing short of incredible. Their creative team used their talents to appeal to an audience of any age. Take a look below to see the commercial! You won’t regret it!

Since the opening of Toy Story Land, their promoting has been top notch. I have seen SO MANY likes, shares, and posts on social media about the opening this summer. All Disney has to do is release a statement about something and it spreads like wildfire. Think about how much money they can save on advertising and promoting because their fans help them out an insane amount by word of mouth and their actions on their personal social medias.

These things should show you just how great of an empire Disney is and why you would want to do it like them. You want to do it like Disney because Disney does it best.

What are some companies you think that have success stories others can learn from?

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