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  • Bethany Clarke

Has Instagram Met Its Virtual Match?

Photo Credit: Vero Branding

After its development in 2015, Vero made a significant spike in its involvement from social media users starting in. The photo, music, and content sharing app, according to an article in Mashable, went from No. 566 to No. 1 in just four days! Vero went unnoticed for so long that it couldn’t even be found on the App Store’s top 1,500 chart until recently.

Why has Vero gone from zero to hero so suddenly? It’s believed to have become so popular because of its reverse-chronological feed in contrast to Instagram’s algorithm that has infuriated users, influencers, and artist that are just trying to share, create, and connect.

With online branding and influencing on the rise, web visibility is of high-key importance and if there is a competitor to the old-faithful that is Instagram, Vero may be it. It promises max visibility and privacy along with prioritizing what YOU want to see and who YOU want to interact with. Great, right?

It goes beyond photo sharing by offering the ability to share what books, music, and other content that you may be enjoying. Vero’s slogan is “true social” claiming that it is the most simplistic social networking app out there. So, will it remain at the top or will it drop down to the bottom?

As far as a self-branding network, several photographers, for example, have joined the Vero community in hopes of making it big since it’s still pretty fresh on the web. Social media influencers and artist have made an impact on the culture of social media by presenting their works and portfolios attracting prospective clients from their followers.

If you are part of the social media world and want to learn more about online branding maybe digital advertising will peak your interest, and if not leave a comment down below on your thoughts about Vero/Instagram!

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