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  • Marshea Oliver

Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Poetry

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft and A+E are using poetry to capture their targets attention. In a world that is full of jingles, songs and spokesmen, these brands are taking a different approach. Tradition media is loud and tries to use recognition through song. Chili’s for example with their “Oh Baby Chili’s is Back.” The company rebranded itself to include the new details instead of focusing on the ribs.

During the Superbowl Coca-Cola premiered a commercial with the tagline “Enjoy Yours.” The brand wants you to remember there is a Coke for everyone. There are many different kinds and different flavors. One of them happens to be for you. This commercial actually was written in the form of a poem. It flowed and told a story of how everyone is different and has their own personalities. The use of music was not used in this campaign. Instead, different voices that represent different people and diversity was used to sale the products itself.

This Microsoft commercial featuring Common shows they are doing the same. Common is standing on a stage delivering what can be seen as a spoken word. “Today, right now, you have more power at your fingertips than entire generations that came before you” can be heard as the commercial begins. That first line grabs the audience attention by using a strong powerful voice to speak it. It goes on to empower the younger generations by saying they hold the power. The Microsoft AI technology is only the tool, people are the ones who operate it. With all this power and tools, what will you do with it? Yet another powerful line that is encouraging others to use their resources to create new things.

A+E is using this technique to tell the stories that come from across America. “Look Closer” is the title of this piece of poetry. A male by the name of IN-Q and a woman Jhene are used to recite it. This is a part of the broadcasting companies “Brave Storytellers” campaign. On the screen, the poem is seen. Bold text is taken out throughout the scenes. This allows viewers to remember the remarkable stories across North America. Like Microsoft, it is powerful and includes a dynamic voice to speak it. During the two stories, viewers can click on the bolded words and hear more about that particular topic. Not only is it interactive but it is poetry.

Brands are trying to move away from the clutter and noise that everyone is bombarded with. Stepping out of the box and using powerful statements to captivate the audience and grab their attention is being used instead. Jingles may just be becoming a thing of the past. Powerful voices and storytelling are just as compelling. There are more ways than one to capture an audience's attention.

How to you feel about this new way of advertising? Let us know down below.

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