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  • Scotty Theunissen

The Black Lodge is Back!

The Black Lodge is a local video rental store re-opening in Memphis, Tennessee. Now I know what you’re thinking, why is there a video rental store opening anywhere? You’re right to ask these kinds of questions. VHS, DVDs, or going out to rent a hard copy of anything is outdated and time consuming. You can just rent a movie or show online through multiple streaming platforms

So how do they survive? Branding. Black Lodge has been in Memphis since 1999. They’ve built up a cult following and a reliable brand. The business did not only have hard copies of movies and TV shows, but they also used their space for shows, charity events, bake-sales and a general performance space.

They’ve established themselves with the Baby Boomers as a place to rent the latest in popular shows and movies and created a family through throwing events in their space. This has stuck in the hearts and minds of that generation that lived in Memphis.

For the older Millennials it hits that nostalgia string. It brings back that fun feeling of finding a cool movie or TV show that no one else has heard of and picking it up for a date or a friend hang. Not to mention they still show Black Lodge certified movies at the local Malco Drive-in. They closed in 2014 but by then they had built up an atmosphere about the place that stuck with their clientele. Their brand was built having a few couches and weird movies playing on the TV, along with having punk and metal shows every weekend, and being a center to cool off during the Cooper-Young festival.

It was a cool place for cool people that hit three to four generations. They plan on re-opening this summer in Crosstown. Commercial Appeal recently did a story talking about the burst of nostalgia that Black Lodge brings. The papers and town are alive with excitement about the resurrection.

They knew how to brand themselves and leaned into it fully. They used that old-school movie charm and became the cool guy with sunglasses that your mom warned you about in high school. Lodge attached themselves to memories and feelings associated with renting movies, going to rock shows, and taking someone you like on a movie date.

Their key to success is branding. No one has to rent movies in a hard format anymore, but they will because it makes them happy to relive old memories. That’s the branding weapon of choice for Black Lodge. And they wield it accurately and effectively.

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