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  • Jace Watkins

Johnny Manziel’s Comeback Brand

If you are a fan of college football, you know the former Texas A&M and Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel. He dazzled fans on the field with his incredible play, and kept the media’s attention off of it with his bad boy brand. After being drafted in the first round in the NFL draft, Manziel did not perform well. The wheels fell off. He was seen drinking and doing drugs, just not the scene Johnny Football needed to be in. It seemed only darker days were ahead for the once football superstar.

This year is going to be different according to the former NFL quarterback. After Manziel went to rehab for drugs and alcohol, he made a promise to everybody that he would play professional football again. However, this time his play would be at a high level. So, he started a brand called “comebackszn” where he sells t-shirts, hats, extra with Manziel’s number 2 and his name on them. He posts videos and articles on his website to keep the world updated on his progress. The media and fans have caught on immediately to the once extremely popular Heisman trophy winner.

Even before the comebackszn era began, Manziel was a brand in itself. He was a god to the football fans in the state of Texas, and the younger crowd all over the country loved him due to his “I don’t give a f***” attitude. His widely known nickname “Johnny Football” that was given to him in high school and became popular was trademarked this year by Manziel. When there were even just whispers that Johnny Football would return to the gridiron, ESPN and the entire sports industry went absolutely crazy to cover the story. He is not just a football player, he is something younger kids want to be even if people disagree with his morals. If you are interested in reading more about how the Kardashians brand their image, read Gabrielle Black’s blog.

Johnny Manziel claims he is coming back after a three-year hiatus from football. During that time, he has been partying and doing god knows what, but as of late, the once football great has been training hard and getting his act together. And if we learned anything from Manziel’s time in college, he can win. Only time will tell if Johnny Football has what it takes to keep building his brand from a NFL bust to a comeback hero. It's comebackszn.

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