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  • Angel Kelly

The One Love Foundation Presents: The Darker Side of Valentines Day.

When you think about Valentine's day the first thing that comes to mind is love, not fat shaming or abuses. However, according to; the One Love Foundation thought that this Love Day would be the perfect time to raise awareness about physical or mental abuse and bring awareness about their brand and their cause. Anastasia Garcia, content director at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, which developed the initiative. Said “Valentine’s Day is a time when young couples cover up potentially unhealthy relationship behaviors with gifts,”

This past Valentine's day, the One Love Foundation decided to take over a store and replaced regular “I love you” teddy bears, with ones that have drastic mood swings. When the bear's tummy was pressed, it would say things like “You’re pathetic!” with an apologetic “I'm so sorry. I didn’t mean that, " following its harsh criticism. In addition, to bipolar teddy bears, the store also carried "Follow-Your-Heart Pendant”,with a GPS tracker so you can keep tabs on someone special. The cards that lied around the store had different messages to, like, “I miss when you were hotter” and “You’re mine, so do what I say,” says an AdWeek reporter.

The store was only open this pasted Valentine's day; it was an excellent way to bring attention to this problem that many face in silence. Many of the customers were surprised to find the cards and other body shaming items inside the store. Others said that it brought back feelings of sadness because they had gone through something similar. I think this brand did an excellent job of coming up with something different that will leave their customers with a lasting impression.

What are your thoughts? Tell me about your worst Valentine day ever. Comment below, and to let us know! For More on Valentines day check out Kisses for Valentine.

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