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  • Jace Watkins

Digital Advertising is 100% the Future

“The wave of the future dude, one hundred percent electronic.” Just an out of context quote from the classic 1998 movie “The Big Lebowski”, but it is relevant to the topic at hand. Advertising is becoming a solely digital enterprise and it has no evidence of slowing down. There are several pros to digital advertising, yet there are some cons to it.

Digital advertising is new and is changing the world of advertising. With it, costs are extremely low, the biggest pro is Digital promotion, in some circumstances, can even be free. This article about display advertising makes a great point on the very low cost per impression

Another big pro is that the ads can be reached to a large market incredibly fast. Customer service can always be a big problem for companies, but with all the social media becoming an integral part of advertising, it is easy to quickly respond to customer service issues. For example Instagram stories are a useful tool for digital advertising.

But every rose has its thorn. Digital advertising does have a couple of cons to it. People also can just completely ignore all the content that is provided on the internet. The amount of critics on the world wide web is much larger now. These critics called “internet trolls” are hiding behind their computer screens who go online and destroy brands. This can kill a company. The other main con is that people can typically ignore digital advertising. They are either unnoticed or just un-clicked for the viewer.

Digital video advertising is one of the “big dawgs” in the game. Just like regular digital advertising, there are pros and cons to it. With online video advertising, brands can reach the consumer by their mobile device at any moment. However, advertisers cannot sit down and force the viewer to watch the ad. Normally people just hit “skip” on the ad.

There are many uses to digital advertising along with all the pros and cons. Have any questions/concerns, agree/don’t agree? There are many other interesting features in digital advertising and your input is appreciated, comment below!

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