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  • Ryan "Scotty" Theunissen

Make ‘em laugh, They’ll remember it.

Social media is how the world communicates, if you don’t adapt then you’ll fade away.

This blogger makes valid points, The Future of Social Media Visual Based Platforms. Social media is here to stay and it’ll only get bigger and more complicated. People may stop using Twitter or Instagram, but something else will be there to take its place. If you want to be seen and heard then keep up.

One of the keys to social media is having an effective message, some people do that by ranting. Others do it by appealing to a certain sense, good, evil, sad, etc. I believe one of the more effective ways is with comedy. Here’s a few reason why.

  • People listen more when they’re being entertained.

  • Something that made them laugh will stick in their mind.

  • Comical statuses are a great way to put information out there and not automatically activate someone’s defenses.

  • Meme culture has proved that comedy and cynicism can change the social and political terrain.

  • Comedy is a tactical way to point out small or large things we take for granted, and that can leave an impact.

  • Most people are willing to listen to a comedian talk, this opens up the room for new ideas.

People still go to comedy shows, of course. Yet, more people are looking at their phones to follow their favorite brands and celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Arby’s and Wendy’s noticed, and took charge.

Arby’s adopted a photo campaign aimed at solely nerd and geek culture. Often posing cardboard cutouts with various sandwiches, Like Link from Zelda, battling a roast beef monster. Wendy’s went full war-mode and attacks any other food media that moves. Roasting brands like McDonalds and Burger King with abandon.

Arby’s is hitting the geek world harder than a Master Sword can handle.

Wendy’s is coming after any and all who stand against them.

According to Animating democracy, describes humor as an enjoyable experience of a mismatch between what we expect and what we experience. This allows us to soak in what the performer is saying and retain that information. This is why we pay attention to Wendy’s and Arby’s, you laugh then remember why.

If you have any heavy hitters that come to mind then post them in the comments!

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