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  • Gabrielle Black

Branding with the Kardashians

While the Kardashian/Jenner brand may not be the most respectable, it cannot be denied that they have built a successful brand for themselves over the last decade. Including all of the products, makeup lines, and apps they have created as part of their brand, the family has also created a brand for themselves.

The Kardashian family is among the most well known public figures today with over 440 million followers on Instagram alone. But the question still remains, how have they gained this massive following?

A brand, especially for yourself and your family, is something that can be difficult to build. It took many years and many failures from the Kardashian’s to learn from their mistakes (i.e, Kim’s sex tape, Kendall’s Pepsi Ad, etc.). The key to this family’s success is their willingness to let the public into their lives, even if it’s embarrassing or invasive. This family has also created a wide variety of products for almost anyone and everyone. They know what the public wants and they never fail to deliver.

Not many people would be able to successfully release a video announcing their pregnancy on Super Bowl Sunday.

A video which views surpasses that of the Super Bowl halftime show and all Super Bowl advertisements, I might add. But, it all goes back to the brand. Kylie Jenner has successfully built her brand, which apparently more people seem to care about than the Super Bowl. You go, Kylie.

What do you think? Do you think the Kardashians have a successful brand despite all their controversies? Leave a comment down below! Find out more about celebrity branding and how Beyonce built her brand.

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