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  • Angel Kelly

Have it Your Way? or Maybe Not.

This Burger King spot is awesome; It takes advertising to a whole new level by not advertising. Burger King is known to take a stance against certain things. For example, not too long ago, burger king took a stance against bullies. Which I think is a great cause to get onboard. However, this time Burger King created a campaign to show customers just how net neutrality works. The spot is called “Burger King Deviously Explains Net Neutrality by Making People Wait Longer for Whoppers,” It’s a long title, but it explains everything.

I love the tagline in this ad “Would you pay more to keep fast in fast food? The mastermind behind this spot is Mr. David Miami who is behind most of the Burger King campaigns. They show real customers in the commercial and you can tell that some of them are becoming upset about not being able to get their food faster.

The workers or actors in the BK commercial show the customers the difference between the Whopper pricings, stating to be able to get their Whopper right now they would have to pay almost twenty-six dollars for the same Whopper that others would pay five dollars. However, the catch is that the lower priced whoppers are about a thirty-minute wait.

They also change the acronym MBPS which usually stands for Micro bites per second, but on the spot, it stands for making burger per second. This is genius. They even made the logo contain a WIFI signal. They went as far to make people hold the bag and wait about ten seconds for the buyer to go into the bag. After the customers received their food, they were stopped outside and asked how they felt and what were their thoughts. This campaign uses creativity to educate"educational and creative.

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