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  • Marshea Oliver

The Super Bowl was a Tide Ad

This years game was epic. Not only was the game good but the commercials were even better. Tide took this years game by storm and had people questioning if every ad was a Tide ad.

The basis of the series was “It’s a Tide Ad.” If the person’s clothes were clean you automatically would think okay this is another advertisement for detergent. There were four different spots that the P&G brand aired during the game, but the leading star was not detergent it was David Harbour. The Stranger Things star teamed up with some other familiar spokesmen and had the world laughing each time. Being that the Tide pods are in the spotlight for a negative reason none of the ads featured them.

Spot One: It’s a Tide Ad

In the first commercial you see Harbour starting it off driving a nice car. Things transition over to a bar and starts to add more people. As he called it “Or whatever ad this is” followed. Now I know you may be thinking what in the world does this have to do with Tide? The next thing he mentions is it’s a Tide ad. The clean clothes, no spots nor dirt marks even after working on a car is what made it a detergent ad. Typically when a mechanic is at work his clothes get dirty. That’s not the case when you use this brand.

The not so Old Spice

Normally when you see Isaiah Mustafa on a white horse you know it is an Old Spice ad. Well not this time. He is not holding his usual brand’s product, he’s holding Tide that includes oxi cleaning power. He is wearing his usual white pants that just so happen to be clean because they were washed in this line. The bottle growing out of his hand and him saying “I’m in a Tide ad” let viewers know instantly what was happening.

Mr. Clean? More like Mr. P&G

The company sets the scene with a beautiful horse running across the land and then you see Harbour saying how beautiful it is just like a you guessed it Tide ad. You would think it was over after that right? Nope you then see the Mr. Clean spot from last year's game and expect it to be a repeat. Of course not. It’s him letting Sarah know what company the scene is really for.

Last but not least: It is yet another Tide Ad

To end off this series you can find the star of these commercials playing tennis in all white with some ladies. One of the women’s back began to hurt. The voice over you hear would make you think it is a commercial for a back brace maybe. The theme of this one however is that it is hard to ignore when clothes are so clean that it is an ad for the number one detergent. All in all this particular spot was straight to the point and made sure it was said who is number one.

From then on after seeing all four if not just one of these spots many were now paying attention to all the clean clothes. There were more ads then just Tide.

What are your thoughts on the companies commercials? Let us know down below.

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