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Tennessee Sweetheart or Twitter Savage? The Moon Pie Story.

The Moon Pie.

A Tennessee-famous snack that almost faded into the background. That all changed when Knoxville-area agency The Tombras Group started to manage the Moon Pie Twitter account.

The meme-based content boosted their following and even caused a huge increase in sales.

In fact, after shading Hostess in a quoted tweet boasting that the Golden Cupcake was the official snack cake of the 2017 eclipse, the Moon Pie sold so well that factory could not keep up.

They closed the factory for a few days to restock and prepare for future rush sales.

The Tobras Group uses similar content styles that make brands like Wendy’s and Taco Bell so successful online. For more on Wendy’s Twitter fame, check out Meagan Lovorn’s post on the Meeman 901 blog.

The use of sass and comedy allows these big brands to connect with the internet generation.

They shared in a recent interview with Fast Company about how they worked to improve the brand.

“Moon Pie is an iconic heritage brand, but had been really sleepy for a while,” Tombras says. “The business challenge was, while they run a healthy, profitable business, their sales had plateaued. Their research showed they had much higher awareness and sales among older consumers, baby boomers, but as you went younger, that number got lower, and it really dropped off at millennials.”

Tweets often include puns, pop culture references or random phrases. In fact, many posts are random and serve to drive impressions rather than promotion of the brand. This strategy is useful in creating a recognizable brand with positive consumer feeling.

For our sake, I hope this Twitter fame isn’t just another phase of the moon (pie).

Share this blog post on Twitter and Tag @MoonPie. They just might harass you or send me free Moon Pies, either way, works for me!

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