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  • Kyland Evans

How to Better Utilize Snapchat for Your Company

These days, Snapchat has reinvented everyday marketing. One of the hardest parts of connecting with your audience is trying to find a way to be creative and innovative. Understanding Snapchat inside and out can help spread awareness for your organization. Many people believe that it is harder to use Snapchat to promote a business. However, there are a few ways to make the organization known by using amazing Snapchat features.

The best way to properly market your company on Snapchat is to understand the mechanics and how people who use Snapchat respond to snaps. Most people go into the app with a short attention span. Even though Snapchat added a new feature to have untimed snaps and looped videos, snaps can still be set to run for ten seconds or under. That’s why it is important to make sure that your picture/video is clear and easy to understand. Getting the message across in a short amount of time is key. Focusing on specifying where exactly your target audience is will also help benefit the right way of going about spreading the message.

One of the best features that Snapchat has are their filters. Filters are creative screens that can be found when swiping right to left. Some companies use filters to advertise some their own products and events that they have coming up. If your organization is small and quite limited, you can purchase a Geofilter. Geofilters are specifically made to advertise in a certain area. This helps let people know that there is something in the area that they can attend or participate in. Using the filter frequently can help promote events, a new television show, a new product, etc.

Another way to keep your company’s image up to date is applying effects through the Lenses feature. Lenses analyze faces and alters them with special graphics that can be used to promote multiple services in a way similar to the filters. Having a very elaborate and appealing design always makes it more intriguing for users. Getting hooked to Lenses with a colorful design and special music will increase the chances for a user to use it more often, that way it’s more visible to their friends.

Think you’ve learned a bit about some of the specifics of Snapchat? Check out this article on a few ways to implement social media of these features into connecting with your audiences. Also, view this Meeman 901 Strategies blog to learn about the future of overall social media and how it is important to your organization.

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