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Work, Work, Work: Lessons Brands Can Learn From Rihanna

Rihanna recently released her highly anticipated cosmetic line, Fenty Beauty. Along with that, she’s a musical superstar, model, and fashion designer. Her success speaks for itself. How does she do it?


Rihanna released her Fenty Beauty line earlier this week. Fans and beauty warriors around the world were excited about the cosmetic line release, and Rihanna surely did not let them down. The launch of Fenty Beauty included 40 shades of foundation, or ProFiltr as Rihanna calls it, and this got a wide range of recognition. This is huge for cosmetics because this is the widest range of shades any cosmetic line has ever released. When brands are inclusive it opens up the brand to be bought by more people. This is why brands should take what Rihanna did with her beauty brand and incorporate it into their brand.


Rihanna is one of the most famous celebrities, not only because of her successful music career, but she also has a sense of style in fashion. Every red carpet event she attends she is sure to be a showstopper. So, it is only right that she has her own fashion and shoe line. She knows people like her style and she knows how to create new styles that people will like. She starts trends rather than following them, and she rarely looks bad. Being a trendsetter and having your own fashion line and shoe line can bring nothing but success to her brands. Brands should use this method in a way that it will turn out positive such as having someone, like Rihanna , who is already a trendsetter and use that person for the brand.


Rihanna is known for her “badgal” lifestyle. The term bad gal may seem like it’s a bad thing considering it has the word in it, but it’s more about her being herself unapologetically. She doesn’t go by what other people want her to go by, and she’s more about creating her own ways of doing things. Her life is really very entertaining. Using personality that people like is very important for a brand. This ties in with brands using people that have a likeable attitude as the face of the brand as I said above about trendsetting. Rihanna promotes her brands and shares moments from her life on her Instagram page.

Lessons From Rihanna

Although there is not just one way to build a successful brand, Rihanna’s way has definitely led her to success with her personal brand and her business brands. Things to take from her way of brand building is to include as many people as you can when thinking about who will buy the product, come up with good original ideas that people will love, and stay true to yourself and believe that you have what it takes.

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