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Ways to Improve Communication Skills for Your Student Organization

Student organizations are one of the few outlets college students have to branch out and get to know their peers while staying academically focused. They give students a way to use their time productively and excel within a field that they are interested in. While there are obvious benefits to joining, one of the hardest focuses for these organizations is outreach. A common worry students have before committing to an organization is if they have enough time to partake in meetings, volunteer at events, contribute their efforts outside of school hours, etc. Classes can already be hard enough as it is. However, relaying how important your organization is in the right way can be fundamental to people deciding whether they would like to join.

Getting to Know Your College Population

It would be in the best interest to survey students about what they may be interested in so that the RSO (Recognized Student Organizations) can get an understanding for what it is they think this audience would gravitate towards on social media. Record those results and apply them strategically through social media. Some students may feel as though they can only connect with certain RSO and they are reluctant to branch out. Working with other RSO can help spread the word about all organizations involved. For example, having members post flyers to their individual social media can help cross-pollinate the message for a joint planned event. This way, people from different publics will be exposed to a different organization which they may be persuaded to join.

The Visual Pitch

A key step in getting students to join your organization is how you pitch your brand to them. Students respond positively towards social media and how to get involved in organizations. Very appealing graphics that can be posted on social media that contains enough information about a meeting or an event can be helpful. Remembering these facts will surely help grasp the attention of uninformed students about what your organization has planned. Some RSO have stated that they did not want to use social media. Instead, they felt the need to take a more traditional route and make flyers. There is nothing wrong with that. However, social media has been proven to have a further outreach for students and faculties at college. As a student organization, one of the main objectives the group should have is to be progressive and adapt to what students look for most. Still having doubts about how valuable social media is? Check out this article that analyzed the importance of the future of social media.

Keeping these tips in mind can help your RSO succeed and branch out in the future. By creating quality content on social media and collaborating with other RSO, your organization is bound to thrive.

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