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How to Write for Different Social Media Platforms

When using social media platforms for your brand, a good thing to think about first is the demographics that use each platform. By knowing this information, you can see who to target on each platform. From there, it’s easier to see how to best use each platform to create a brand image and spread your brand’s message. Using each social media platform to complement the other instead of cross-posting between platforms is a great way to ensure your content seems new and relevant. Below lists tips for using the top three social media platforms:


With a maximum word count of 140 characters, Twitter is the place to be concise. When posting a link to an article, website, etc. make sure the caption gets to the point quickly to boost click-throughs. Even with the short character limit, don’t forget about using correct grammar. Hashtags are still an effective way to gain engagement, but don’t overuse them!


With 79% of adults using Facebook, it is the most frequented social media site. Facebook also has a high percentage of adults 65 and older using the platform. Knowing this, Facebook is a great way to reach a large audience, especially those 65 and older. Facebook has a broader character count, which means you should still try to keep messages concise, but you have a little more flexibility on length compared to the other social media platforms. This is important to note, especially if the post includes an external link or picture. With that being said, good quality visuals helps encourage shares! A good thing to remember when using Facebook is to engage with your audience. If they are commenting on your posts, try to comment back or even like the comment.


Instagram is a visual platform so a lot of energy should be spent making sure each photo or video posted is consistent with your other photos, original, and good quality. Captions should also be short and to the point since most people do not read longer captions.

With all of these platforms, consistency is key. Posting more often leads to higher engagement!

Do you agree with these tips? Do you have any tips to help use social media platforms more successfully? Let us know in the comments!

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