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  • Jennifer Nichols

The Search for Summer Internships

Trying to get your foot in the door with a potential employer? Internships are the perfect chance to network, learn new skills, and maybe visit some interesting new places while you’re at it. Being able to experience day-to-day activities inside a company offers a ton of learning opportunities you can't gain through the classroom. The main reason to participate in a summer internship is to be ready for employment once you graduate. Here are a few local and national journalism-related internships that might be a great fit for you:


In this internship, you will be taught how to gather information for a publication. You will also learn the cost of basic necessities for publications and how it is financially supported. You will take responsibility for providing and arranging fashion shoots from start to finish. This internship will require Adobe Suite Skills, blogging experience, and availability for 15 in-office hours per week.

In this internship, you will be writing and publishing 5 engaging and opinionated blog posts per week. Access to the official SPORTalk Twitter will also be given to you for broadcasting your blog post that cover the Grizzlies. Your post will also be shown on an extended dedicated fan base on Twitter. This position will challenge you, while also educating and preparing you in your field of study.


For this internship you will be working in CBS’s New York office within the CBSNews Social Content Development & Programming team. You will be a full-time member of the team during the summer. You will create content and gain exposure to the full scope of content production. The social media content you that you create will impact millions of news watchers.

This internship is looking for imaginative, spirited and responsible individuals ready to work on the Marketing and

Development side of Healthy Planet US. You will create digital campaigns for webinars, leadership events, and other digital advertising. This internships requires basic knowledge in at least one of Photoshop, InDesign, and/or Illustrator. You will be working 3 days per week (one day remote) in San Francisco.

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