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  • Marshea Oliver

Equality and Social Justice in Advertising

In the world of advertising, diversity and social justice have become more and more popular. During the 2017 Super Bowl a number of ads from different companies brought light to social justice and diversity issues going on. The most recent company to do this is Nike. Nike is the proud sponsor of Lebron James, Kevin Durant,Dwayne Wade, and many more. Nike recently started an equality campaign that brings some big name celebrities such as Lebron James, Serena Williams and Alicia Keys to talk about the importance of minority players off the court as well as on it. One of the main ideas of the campaign is “Equality Has No Boundaries.” No matter your color or creed everyone should have equal opportunities outside of the courts or fields they play on.

After releasing the equality campaign and clothing line, Nike also revealed they are working on a line of Pro Hijabs for athletes. The Nike Pro Hijab was designed with the input of multiple athletes who needed this product for a better performance. Ahead of the product’s Spring 2018 release there has been backlash from those who take Nike’s decision as an endorsement for the “oppression of women.” The commercial has only appeared in the middle east. However it was released on Nike’s twitter along with more campaign ads. Diversity and quality has become more involved in advertising. Nike not only made a campaign based off of the quality but also social issues surrounding the sports industry. To find out more details about other ads that exemplify diversity you can find them on another Meeman 901 Strategies blog. For more information on Nike’s Equality ads, go to their website.

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