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  • Michael Robinson

Creativity and Innovation in Journalism: Interactive Storytelling

When journalists move beyond words and photos on the page, magic happens. Today’s world is so inundated with interactive media that, for some, the thought of reading a news article sounds far too passive to be of any interest. Research shows that users will spend more time with content when they are afforded a level of control or offered a more engaging experience. Check out this list of a few triumphs in interactive multimedia journalism that take storytelling to a new level.

“Greenland Is Melting Away” — The New York Times

Of the three on the list, this piece more closely resembles online journalism we are familiar with. However, the use of photos, two integrated videos, motion graphics and two interactive maps — all compiled in an attractive and functional single-scrolling platform — sets this story apart from your typical online story.

This multimedia piece is anchored by powerful stylized photography that is presented in seven stages. At each stage, the reader can open a map to identify the location of the current stage and then watch an accompanying video to learn more. This interactive chronological method features text and multimedia that effectively provide readers with both context and a timeframe for the event.

“Choice and Chance” — Tampa Bay Times

Reader immersion is the goal for this type of storytelling. This piece does that to a chilling degree. Chronicling the night of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, readers click through a sequence of events presented as a 3D rendering of the crime scene. Along the way they are introduced to people inside the club. Some survive, others don’t.

Looking for more projects like these? Check out Medium’s list of excellent online storytelling projects.

of excellent online storytelling projects.

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