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  • Garrett Pilgrim

High Tops Meet Pizza in Pizza Hut’s New Promotion Gimmick

Pizza Hut is engaging with March Madness fans by releasing limited-edition high tops that can order pizza. The idea is both creative and inventive. Believe it or not, these shoes are equipped with a literal pizza button that, when pressed, will order a pizza to your current location. Think Amazon Dash Buttons, only faster (And slightly more ridiculous).

“Pie Tops” are a creative way to engage customers who are likely to order pizza during March Madness for watch parties by tying the brand directly to the NCAA basketball tournament. Pizza Hut uses basketball icon Grant Hill to introduce the shoes to fans further connecting with the target audience.

The shoes can keep Pizza Hut top-of-mind for the viewers during the tournament.

Only 64 pairs of the Pie Tops were made to match the number of teams playing in March Madness. The limited number will be given to influencers and a few fans to boost media attention, but whether or not it will boost sales during the NCAA tournament is yet to be determined.

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