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Sawyer Hartman Lightroom Presets: Take Your Photos to the Next Level

How Strong Photos Can Elevate Your Brand

Reaching your audience is the most important goal for brands, and social media has been the latest frontier to develop your visual presence online. Keeping up with high-quality original content can be an expensive cost for brands, and that's why Sawyer Hartman's Lightroom Presets are a revolutionary tool at an affordable cost of $40.

Sawyer Hartman is a photographer and filmmaker based in California. Hartman is best known for his YouTube channel which has over 1.7 million subscribers. He recently released a collection of Adobe Lightroom Presets that are arguably changing the photography playing field. There are 9 filters total that come in the pack: Hollywood Cinema Color, City Lights, Fashion Week Black & White, Ultimate Street Photography, Skin Smooth & Beauty Glow, Vibrant Travel, 35mm Film Look, Color Boost, and HDR Portrait. The smart presets work with your photo opposed to layering colors over the original. By enhancing the colors that are already present, these presets will bring bland, flat photos to life. This means bringing your brand's social media and web photos to the professional level with as little as 3 clicks! These filters are easily installed to Adobe Lightroom and the Lightroom Mobile App. Here is Sawyer Hartman’s vlog explaining how he uses the presets on his social media and how they can work for you.

Putting Them To Use

Filling your Instagram feed with professional looking photos instantly raises the aesthetic of your profile. Online content is becoming more and more visual, so moving to the professional-quality playing field without breaking your bank is sure to shake things up. Take photos from any camera, apply the filters, and watch your feed flourish!

You can purchase Sawyer Hartman Lightroom Presets on his website

Have you used Sawyer Hartman’s presets? How did they work for you? Comment below to let us know what you think!

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