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  • Meagan Lovorn

What Wendy's Can Teach Us About Social Media

In case you missed it, Wendy’s social media team is killing the Twitter game.

It all started in 2016 when Wendy’s began promoting their 4 for $4 special. Soon after, Burger King came up for a 5 for $4 deal with the tagline, “because 5 is better than 4.” A tweeter asked Wendy’s what they were going to fire back, to which they replied, “edible food.”

Then, in the beginning of 2017, a tweeter accused them of using frozen beef for their products. Wendy’s responded to the criticism, explaining why he was wrong and that they have only ever used fresh beef since their opening.

This comedic, Twitter gold comes from Amy Brown, Wendy’s social media manager since 2012.

I don’t know about you, but the sassiness in these tweets makes me like Wendy’s even more. Nowadays, in order to stay relevant, you have to get active on social media. The most important thing for your brand is to make sure you establish what the voice of your brand is going to be. With Wendy’s, they were able to take on the sassy, sarcastic voice because it worked well with their brand.

In a world where social media is so prevalent, companies and organizations have to keep up with the newest trends. As a social media manager, you can take a look at what other business are doing and learn from their strengths and mistakes. Stay flexible because social media is always shifting and changing.

For more tips and ideas on how to be a successful social media manager and utilizer, check out this article on PR Daily.

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