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  • Marshea Oliver

Stay Organized with Basecamp

Basecamp is an online program and app that can be used by different types of companies anywhere. It is a website that allows you to create teams and projects to help things run smoothly. Within assigning the projects and teams a to do list can be created and assigned to specific people.When these task are done just hit the check next to the assignment to let others know when the task is complete. Check out some of the cool features below:


On the homepage of the program you will find your teams and projects. Within each individual one will be the to-dos. This particular feature allows for individuals to be left detailed information on what they need to do for an assignment. It can be directly assigned to one or more people to complete. If a question was to arise you could just drag and drop a file into the comment section or just leave a comment.


Also found on the home screen ,teams can be created for each aspect of a project. The advertising team can have their own as well as public relations and so on. This allows everyone to have a tight-knit place where all of their information is stored. Documents, PDFs etc. can be added to the comment section as well. To create a new team you would simply select make a new team. Give it a name and an optional description. No one outside of that specific area has access to this information unless invited in by the creator of the group via email address.


This area allows for the multiple task going on to be shared between everyone at one time. Instead of having to email it to everyone simply place it in the chat area located inside of each project and watch the responses. If it is something you want to say to one individual you can send them a direct message. In this case it is called a ping. People from different teams can come here and work on something collectively.

Basecamp is not the only place that you can go for organizational help. There are multiple programs out there to help keep things organized. Once everything is set, the schedule feature inside of Basecamp can be useful. Here is help with deadline management to keep things on schedule.

Have you used Basecamp? What did you think? Let's talk about it down in the comments!

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