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Turn Your Mobile Devices into Professional Equipment

Not everyone has the money or know-how to use professional camera equipment. Here are three products that can turn your smartphone and/or tablet into professional grade filming and photography equipment that is easy to use.


The OSMO Mobile by DJI is a fully stabilized gimbal. Basically, it keeps your smartphone perfectly level so that you get flawless footage. It’s easy to use and can be ready to run in seconds. The OSMO Mobile works with any smartphone and uses a custom set counter-balance to keep your phone steady. It also has a customizable joystick that can be used to pan the camera. Activetrack is a feature that allows the OSMO to lock onto a target and follow with that camera.

Smartphone Lenses

To really reach the full potential with your smartphone, you should invest in external lenses. There are a range of price in lenses, so you can expect to get what you paid for in them. Even with an inexpensive lens, you will see a difference in the quality of your photos. There is a large range of lenses available to you for any kind of artistic style. iPro Lenses produces wide angle, fish eye, super wide angle, and macro lenses for the iPhone. If you have an Android, you should check out this list for the top external lenses.


The Padcaster is an all-in-one device that transforms an iPad into studio film camera. There are 24 attachment ports so that you always have room for what you need. Padcaster sells the attachable lenses, lighting, tripods, microphones, teleprompter, and/or GoPro-attachments. This is truly an all-in-one device.

Do you have another great mobile device extension? Comment below! We are always look for new gadgets.

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