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  • Marshea Oliver

The Advantages of Direct Marketing

When new customers visit your company's website and signs up for promotional emails which includes a coupon for doing so can help to capture that customer. Once they sign up and look around for a bit, the data mining information you gain from that can lead to you marketing to that customer directly. This is now helping to boost the chance of that customer returning due to the offer. Sending an email to that person asking for a review with an additional percentage off of their next purchase can influence that person to come back if the customer enjoyed whatever the product may be. The use of data mining will come into play at this particular point. This includes sending exclusive promotional emails with a specialized email with items they viewed but did not purchase. More information on direct marketing can be found here.

  1. Promotional Post: When someone is interested in an item but does not buy it, you can use the data to have it as a promotional post on the individual's social media. This will show that you have interest in them and help the chances of them coming back.

  2. Review Email with a Custom Coupon: When the customer buys an item, you can then send out an email asking the person to review the product. This can help you to improve the item. Along with this particular email can be a personal coupon with a one time use of a percentage of your choice.

  3. Email Marketing: Now that the ideal items for each person is set, personalized emails to that customer can help to build a long lasting relationship. If the client recently bought a new printer, sending a 15% off the next ink purchase can be effective. Instead of going elsewhere for the ink the business would stay with you.

These are just 3 simple techniques to keep a new customer coming back, however these are 60+ unique ways to get the job done. Even if you are on a budget we have you covered.

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