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  • Landry Starks

Three, Two, One, Deadlines!

We’ve all been there. Frantically cranking out an assignment at midnight that’s due at 8 AM. But why do we do this? Is it because we like the rush of not knowing whether or not we will get it done? Is it because we have other priorities that seem more important? Either way, waiting until the last minute to complete a deadline significantly reduces the quality of work that would have been achieved with proper time management.

When managing deadlines, the first step is to recognize your prior commitments. Since there isn’t usually a choice when taking on assignments, it is extremely important to create a plan of action as soon as you receive the deadline. Look at your schedule and carve out specific time to work on the assignment. Set smaller deadlines lines prior to the due date so the maximum amount of quality can be achieved without the stress of approaching deadlines the night before. Have others proofread and critique your work before submission to ensure accuracy. Also, give yourself enough time to do the research necessary for the project.

When you allow the time needed to complete an assignment before the deadline, it not only produces better work to give to the consumer, but it also reflects greatly on your own work ethic and brand. Making sure that your work takes priority in your schedule demonstrates good time management and responsibility. It’s a way to better your work and yourself.

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