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  • Erin Ezell

So you’ve decided to be a journalism major, now what?

Journalism is a broad field that provides you with knowledge in various topics. During your

undergraduate career, you will become knowledgeable in research methods, media, ethics and design, along with writing and editing. Some people assume that because you are a journalism major that you automatically want to work for a newspaper, a magazine, or be on television. Even though that is true for some, it is not true for all. Because you learn dip into so many areas while studying journalism, the career paths you could take are just as varied. Here are some examples of areas you could go into as well as jobs within those areas.


  • Assistant Editor

  • Freelance Reporter

  • Journalist

  • Editor-in- Chief

Broadcast Journalism

  • Radio Show Host

  • Journalist (TV anchor)

  • Producer

Social Media

  • Coordinator

  • Manager

Public Relations

  • Specialist

  • Manager


  • Copywriter

  • Campaign Manager

Sports Journalism

  • Reporter

  • Commentator


  • Coordinator

  • Communications Specialist


  • Writer/Author

  • Editor


  • Coordinator

  • Manager

  • Director


  • Foreign Correspondence

  • Photojournalism

  • Visual Communication

  • Medical Writer

Although these are certainly not all the jobs you can get with a journalism degree, it is just a start to

show you how broad the field is. With some many options, you can find something that speaks to what really interests you.

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