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  • Garrett Pilgrim

Low-Cost Advertising Alternatives

One thing most advertisers, marketers, and companies are familiar with is a budget. Budgets control your life. You can’t do anything unless you can afford to do it. But, in order for your budget to grow, you need to attract more customers. It’s the advertising paradox.

Thankfully, if you’re faced with a tight budget, there are low-cost options to promote your business.

1. Email Marketing

Sending you followers a recurring email about your business, industry, or other relevant content can keep potential customers engage with your brand while saving money. You can set-up a subscription process on your website and promote it on social media to keep it low-cost.

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2. Press Releases

Public relations is a fantastic way to promote your brand while staying under budget. Press releases are one of many PR tactics you can use to market at a low-cost. If your business has newsworthy content or events, try sending press releases to local media outlets. Consumers also trust news sources so getting these outlets to talk about your brand can be extremely effective.

3. Engage With Customers and Opinion Leaders

You can engage with people on social media by posting your own statuses; tagging key public figures on your posts; and commenting, sharing, or liking related customer posts. Use these same tactics with people who have many followers, are considered knowledgeable, and can influence customers’ buying decisions (also known as opinion leaders). If you target these opinion leaders, you can greatly expand your reach. There are also offline tactics you can use to engage with customers such as speaking, hosting, or simply attending events and creating an elevator pitch (a short speech to sell your brand to customers in-person).

4. Content, Content, Content

When it comes to promoting your business, content creation is key. However, it’s more about the quality of content rather than quantity. There are many kinds of content you can make such as websites, blogs, vlogs, guest posts on other websites, infographics, classes, and elevator pitches. Find what fits your brand goals and run with it.

Learn more inexpensive ways to promote your brand here and here.

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