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  • Arian Hill & Jordin Howell

A Guide to Gift Giving: Creative Mass Media Style

Ever wonder what to get your creative student or professional for Christmas? Well we have made it a bit easier for you! Here are some of the latest gadgets and gizmos for professionals and students in creative mass media.

Professional List Here are some of the latest gadgets used for mass media production by professionals in the industry.

DJI Mavic Pro drone $999.00 This drone is on the expensive end, but it is revolutionizing video production. The Mavic Pro has the ability to fold so that it is more portable than previous drone designs. With a built in gimbal, the Mavic Pro’s camera will give you almost completely stabilized video. One of my favorite YouTubers that uses this product is Julien Solomita. Here is one of his videos that features drone footage.

Nikon D750 camera $1,799.95 This Nikon camera has all of the industry standard features with the big price to go along with it (the price is for the body of the camera only). The D750 is connected through Wi-Fi, captures High Definition video and still photography, a rotating LCD built-in monitor, and more. Check out these image samples from to see what this camera can do.

$9.99/mo-$99.99/mo Hootsuite gives you the power to manage 10-50 social media profiles on one platform, easily. You have access to advanced web analytics to monitor follower growth and what content resonates with your audience. Content can be scheduled to post through the day, week, month or year. You have the ability to automatically find and share content from unlimited RSS feeds as well as have access to 150+ apps to optimize your user experience & so much more!

iPad Pro & Apple pencil From $599 or $799 for iPad Pro (depending on size) $99 for Apple Pencil iPad Pro has been nicknamed the “super computer” for its incredible abilities. It comes in two sizes for best convenience and is said to be more versatile, capable and portable than anything before it. It makes even the most complex computer tasks as easy as writing with a pencil- the Apple pencil to be exact. The Apple Pencil allows you to perform tasks as if you were writing, drawing or shading on a normal canvas, except now you have pixel-perfect precision.

Student List Want to create professional content but can’t afford expensive equipment? Here are some of our top student picks for the creative mass media field.

Sensu Brush stylus $39.99 The Sensu stylus is one of the best stylus for graphic design and/or digital art. The tip of the Sensu Brush has a traditional paintbrush feel and reverses to a regular stylus. It is perfect for design students who are looking for a professional-grade stylus without a hefty price. Check out this gallery created using the Sensu Brush!

Altura Photo Leveling Cube $12.99 This leveling cube mounts on top of any DSLR camera to help you line up the perfect shot. Photography made easy on you and your wallet with a convenient low price for students. It is also durable and perfect for working in the field. Check out this video for more information on leveling while using a tripod.

Canva for Work $12.95/month Canva is an easy graphic design software for the creative student. Canva lets you have access to over 8,000 templates, has unlimited storage space for your designs and allows you to customize your experience with the ability to upload your own photos and fonts.

LifePlanner Stylized Organizer $45-$65 This customizable planner is perfect for the creative student. It comes in either a 12-month or 18-month format with options for everything from the texture on the outside to the way the pages are layed out inside.

Leave a comment below with some of your favorite gadgets! Have you tried one of these? Let us know how it worked on Twitter at @Meeman901.

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