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Why You Need To Use Adobe Spark Post

Create beautiful social media posts in seconds straight from your smartphone or iPad. Adobe Spark Post is the easiest way to look like you received an actual graphic design degree.

I use a wide range of Adobe Creative Cloud Apps along with the free mobile versions on my iPad. I have noticed that you can’t get the same customizability on the mobile apps, but these free versions are something to look into if you don’t have a designer on staff or if you are trying to post quality content quickly.

Here are some of the Featured designs that were created using Spark Post (if you want to check out more, here is a gallery).

As you can see, Spark Post can pair unique fonts, colors schemes, and text alignment options to create a contemporary graphic for social media.

You have to option to import your own image, or to use one of their royalty-free stock images.

This is a revolutionary app that can bring professional style to anyone’s social media. There are pre-existing size options so that you can create a profile banner, thumbnail, etc. for your site. This makes designing a breeze for everyone!

Here are a few extra design tips to follow while using Adobe Spark Post:

  • Keep it simple to limit your wordcount.

  • Readability is a top priority. If a font is difficult to read, revise it until the text is clear.

  • White or Black font is a safe route if you aren’t sure.

  • Make sure to choose relevant images for your graphic.

What did you create using Spark Post? Show us your creation or ask us any questions you have on Twitter at @meeman901 or comment below!

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