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  • Cody Prentiss

Four Things Every Organization Should Ask Themselves

For an organization, a successful pitch is the key to finding and engaging the most supportive audience. Resources are limited and organizations can't afford to lose access to potential contributors because of a bad one. To get past this daunting hurdle every organization has to to ask itself a few important questions.

What is the simplest way we can communicate our cause and goals? Before you craft your pitch, you have to know what you want to tell your audience. This seems obvious, but it's very important. An average reader won't care about an issue is they don't understand it. It behooves you to make your ideas readable and compelling. The writer your pitching to has these same concerns for their readership.

Why is our cause relevant? Organizations work in competition for a outlet's space. The difference between one pitch turning into a story and another staying in a writer's inbox is relevance. A story or event connected to your organization gives the reporter a narrative to hang their story on. As a result, their story will be easier to write and they will consider it worthy of their audience's attention

Who are we trying to talk to? Who an organization pitches to should be guided by their target audience. If their organization's cause is cardiovascular related illness, they should find publications that is related to the subject. Magazines concerned with health and fitness would likely have readers interested in the issues your organization cares about. Those are the people that would be most willing to give to your organization.

How do we get our audience to act? If picked up, the story you pitch will likely drive readers to your social media and website. These are the channels where you can ask the people sympathetic to your cause to contribute. If you do not give an audience an opportunity with your social media, then they will move on. Take advantage of the moments your audience wants to help. Without an ask, there won't a give.

If you want to write the perfect email pitch, check out some helpful hints here.

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