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  • Erin Ezell

Twitter Tips for your Organization

1. Follow accounts related to organization. Whatever your organization does, follow similar organizations to see what they are doing. Also, make sure you are reaching out to your target audience. It is also a good way to connect to reporters and others in your industry.

2. Designate one person to manage account. If you have a social media team, designate only one person to create tweets or at least proofread tweets before they are posted. This ensures that all your tweets are in the same voice and are consistent. Also, this keeps the message that you are sending the same across the board.

3. Engage with the community. Don’t just send out tweets concerning your organization. Retweet and share content from others. Mention someone if it goes along with the tweet. See what others are up to and support them. Not only does that show your interest in them, but it also gets your name out there.

4. Use Twitter as a resource to drive traffic to your website. You can post a link in your tweet to direct people to your home website or anything else. If you have a blog on your website, it is great for sharing the post and getting it to a broader audience. It makes it easier for your audience to get to your site versus it just being in the bio.

5. Most importantly—STAY ACTIVE! It is so easy to trail off with tweeting. Make sure that when someone looks at your profile that your tweets are spread out. You should at least post once a week, if not more depending on your organization. Even if it’s just retweets, keep the content rolling.

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