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Three Reasons Why Volunteering is Valuable to Communication Majors

Volunteering with an organization creates a sense of importance to the volunteers. It is a way for someone to see themselves directly make a positive impact on something else. But why should people going into communications (Public Relations, advertising, journalism, etc.) be focused on volunteering? Well, here are three examples of how it can positively impact those individuals:

1. Volunteering can prepare you for your future career by giving you the opportunity to network as well as build your resume. By volunteering at events going on in your city or in an area you enjoy is an easy way to start making connections and building relationships with people you may utilize in the future.

2. It is also a way to possibly find new interests. By going out of your comfort zone and volunteering, you may find a hobby or new concentration within your field that you would enjoy pursuing.

3. Finally, by volunteering, you can expand not only your way of thinking about the world but also expand your education within your field of study. Applying hands-on experience is going to be some of the most valuable assets to your degree, therefore, it’s important to get involved to optimize the opportunities.

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