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  • Rachel Patterson

How to Make the Most of your Headshots

Having a professional headshot is a crucial part of marketing yourself to potential clients and employers. A well established photograph of yourself sends out the message that you are personable, open and gives people an immediate perception of who you are. Both clients and employers want to have a face to go with a name in your portfolio. Below are some guidelines to to help you create the type of headshots that are appropriate.

  1. Wear what would be widely perceived as professional attire, such as a dark button down dress shirt or crisp white shirt with a blazer. Make sure your hair is tidy. If you wear makeup, keep it simple and classic. Avoiding loud or bright colors keeps the focus on your beautiful features instead of being too distracting or overwhelming.

  2. The photograph itself should be taken by a professional. Make sure that the photo is from the chest up and does not look like you took it yourself. It is best to stand in front of of white or black background, so the image is clear and forward. Attention to detail is crucial to convey a sense of tidiness.

  3. For some people, getting a photograph taken of them creates anxiety and self consciousness. It is important to not look anxious or unsure of yourself in the photo. Smiling, even a little bit, softens your face and makes you look more presentable. Slightly squinting your eyes have been known to make your eyes look more inviting and less fearful. The best thing to do it just relax and give it your best.

  4. If you already have a photo you want to use, make sure it is a recent photograph from the last year or so. Don’t use photographs from other social media unless you are sure they are professional.

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for more than one photo, to take photos in black and white or play around with different lighting. You can always go back and edit them later if need be.

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