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Why You Need to Use Web Analytics

Once your brand has an online presence, it is important to take advantage of web analytic reports for both website and social media accounts. These reports can give you valuable insights about your brand and how the audience is interacting with it and/or receiving your message.

Let’s take a step back. What are web analytics? These are statistical reports that show the owner of a website about their audience and how people behave on the site. You are able to see where in the world your site is being accessed (country, state, city), the demographics of your audience, what type of web browser they are using, if they are using a mobile or desktop device, the operating system of that device, and more. Analytics also have the ability to show the activity on the site such as how the audience is being directed to site (search engines, social media, or direct link), what pages they click on, how long they are on that page, and where they decide to click next. It will also collect data on the number of comments or views of content.

That’s a lot of information! Once this data is collected, it can give you a valuable view of your brand and where you stand with the audience. If you see that the demographics of the people you thought were interested in your brand are not the same as who is actually visiting, you might want to change your target audience.

A simple example of this would be if a skateboard company was aiming their advertisements to boys ages 7-14. After looking at data form sales, web analytics, and social analytics, they discovered that females ages 17-23 are the one’s purchasing the product and interacting their brand. They decide to change their target audience and re-direct advertising. This could lead to an increase in sales and brand awareness.

Having the possibility to increase your brand’s awareness and reach your audience is just one of the many benefits that can be achieved through using web analytic data. If you are not a professional and what to know more about web analytics, here are a few articles for further reading.

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