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  • Audrey Caney

Jet Blue: A Social Media Case Study

Jet Blue Airlines has been rising to new heights in more places than just the sky. A social

media standout, Jet Blue is using Twitter and Facebook to communicate with their passengers in different, exciting ways that set them apart from other airlines.

For brands, social media is the best way to convey corporate identity and control the image of your organization. Jet Blue is taking advantage of this by using their social media accounts as a direct connection to their passengers. The airline aims to create dialogue between themselves and their customers whether it is for complaints, praises or general comments. At any moment, one can go to @JetBlue on Twitter and see multiple tweets and replies to passengers about their experiences on the plane, at their travel destination or just friendly banter.

Furthermore, Jet Blue social media smarts come into play during a passenger crisis, as well. For example, if luggage is lost, a flight is missed or flight delays are happening there is no immediate solution that an online customer service agent can provide. However, Jet Blue takes that opportunity to lighten the mood, reassure customers that they are there for them and offer suggestions on what steps to take next.

Using social media to communicate and engage with their passengers has earned Jet Blue multiple recognitions for customer service, including Top Low Cost Airline for Customer Satisfaction from JD Power and Associates in 2013 and 2014.

Learning how to use social media effectively and purposefully as a brand, like Jet Blue has done, provides organizations with invaluable opportunities to engage with customers that will create lasting relationships built on trust and confidence.

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