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  • Ericka Smith

6 Tips on How to be a Successful Entertainment Editor

When you think of an entertainment editor, private party invites, exclusive celebrity interviews and notoriety comes to mind. While that is true, there is also a not-so-glamourous side of working in the entertainment field.

In this competitive industry, it’s important that editors have a solid background in Journalism and are confident with making final decisions.As an entertainment editor for Everything Girls Love magazine and blog, I have six tips on how to be successful in this industry.

1. Perfecting Your Craft

Entertainment editors are responsible for assigning stories to writers and making final editorial decisions. It’s important that you have a solid foundation in Journalism and/or English. Stories should be intriguing, easy to read and most importantly, accurate. Before you hit the publish button, you should make sure the story is perfected from the headline to the byline. As an editor, senior management should trust your decisions, and should be able to publish your section’s material without hesitation.

2. Be Comfortable with Giving Critiques

Business is not always polite. If a writer submits work that’s not up to the company’s expectations, do not publish it. Don’t be afraid to tell writers what they’re doing wrong, and give them constructive criticism on how to improve. By all means, don’t be a Miranda Priestly, but make sure you are respected and your standards are set really high.

3. Stay on Top of Trends

It is your job to stay on top of trends and know everything that is happening in pop culture. Plan ahead for big events such as New York Fashion Week, movie premieres and big red carpet events. By doing this, you will be able to provide your company with exclusive coverage and be able to compete with other brands.

4. Business Hours and Deadlines

To compete with other magazines and blogs, you have to be available at all times. There’s always breaking news in the entertainment industry, and it’s an editor’s job to make sure those stories are published in a timely manner. Always be prepared for the unexpected.In addition, deadlines are extremely important. Editors have to make sure their writers submit their work on time, especially when it comes to magazine articles. You don’t want to be the section responsible for the delay of the magazine. Not only does that affect finances, but it also affects the company’s relationship with the celebrity on the cover.

5. Be a Strong Interviewer

Entertainment editors are usually responsible for celebrity interviews. To be honest, you will feel tons of pressure, but it’s always worth it. Make sure the celebrity feels comfortable with you, and don’t be scared to ask the tough questions. Always start your interviews with positive questions, and then go into the more controversial topics. Be clear on what your audience wants to know from the celebrity and do your best to get those questions answered.

6. Publicists are Your Friend

Relationship building is extremely important in entertainment, especially with publicists. If a publicist sends you a press release that is pertinent to entertainment, publish it! That way, when it’s time to get one of their big name clients to grace the cover of your magazine or blog, the relationship is already established and the publicist can see that you’ve been supportive.

Being an entertainment editor can be hectic, but it’s also very rewarding. If you want to take on this profession, remember strong writing skills are vital, the ability to lead is important and flexibility is the key to keeping your organization on top of trends.

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